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Stress Q/A

Stress questions

1. What is the objective of stress analysis? 1. To ensure that the stresses in piping components in the system are within allowable limits 2. To solve dynamic problems developed due to mechanical vibration, fluid hammer, pulsation, relief valves, etc 3. To solve problems associated due to higher or lower operating temperature such as a) Displacement stress range b) Nozzle loading on connected ... Read More »

Pipe Fittings

pipe fittings

Pipe fittings are of different types. 1 )Elbows: Used for change in direction of pipe routing. (a)They are of 2 types 45° Elbow which can be Short Radius Elbow, R = 1D Long Radius Elbow, R = 1.5D 90° Elbow which can be Short Radius Elbow, R = 1D Long Radius Elbow, R = 1.5D (b)According to end connection elbows ... Read More »



It consists of bolts, full threaded stud bolts and nuts. Bolts have hexagonal or round head while studs are without heads. One stud with two nuts forms a set of fastener. Fasteners are used for flange joints in piping to retain flanges and gaskets. Threading is done on the studs and bolts by two methods. 1. Cut threads using cutting ... Read More »



Valves are used for main three purposes listed below. For Isolation of flow. For Regulation of flow. For avoiding the reversal of the flow. The valves used for isolation cannot be used for regulation but other way round is possible. Various types of valves. 1) Gate valve 2) Ball valve 3) Plug valve 4) Butterfly valve 5) Globe valve 6) ... Read More »



MARIAN is a material management system for plant & pipeline engineering. Its main applications are in the construction of processing plants for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and mineral oil industries and for industrial pipeline and power station construction. MARIAN is an application package based on the ORACLE relational database. It consists of the database (tables) and the application (screens & lists). ... Read More »

Piping Design Engineer Interview Questions:- Part-4

pipingdiagram oilandgasclub

51. During fabrication you observed that one small crack has appeared on a fresh plate, what type of measure you will take to obtain desired quality with minimum wastage? First identify the exact length of crack by DP test. Drill on the end point to resist further crack. Remove the crack portion by cutting the strip. 52. What is the ... Read More »

Piping Design Engineer Interview Questions:- Part-3


1. What is the ASME code followed for design of piping systems in Process piping (Refineries & Chemical Industries)? A) B31.1 B) B31.3 C) B31.5 D) B31.9 Ans: (B) 2. What do you mean by following items? A) ISLB-400 B) ISMB-600 C) ISHB-350 D) ISMC-300 E) ISJB-150 F) ISLB-200 G) ISMB-450 H) ISWB-400 I) ISJC-200 J) ISLC-350 K) ISMC-250 A)Indian STD ... Read More »

Valve Symbols


Process Flow Diagram Symbols – Valves Gate valve Is a device used to control the flow of liquids and gases. Check valve Also known as one-way valve , is to prevent the line of medium back. Globe valve Is a mechanism used to control or stop the flow of liquid or gas through a pipe . Ball valve Is a ... Read More »

Piping Codes and Standards

Piping codes and standards

The following codes and standards shall be used together with this standard specification for materials, design and dimensional requirements. American National Standard Institute (ANSI) American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) ASME B 31.1 Power piping ASME B 31.3 Process Piping for Petroleum refineries, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Paper, Semiconductor & Cryogenic plant ASME B 31.4 Piping generally used for transporting & ... Read More »

Steam Trap and Drain Trap

Steam trap and drain trap

FUNCTION OF PIPING COMPONENT A steam trap serves as an automatic valve, which removes the hot condensate, a byproduct of the heat transfer between the steam and the fluid to be heated in a steam system. The hot condensate is returned to the boiler to conserve its available heat. Likewise, it is also important to remove the condensate from the ... Read More »

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