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Responsibilities of Piping Construction Engineers

Responsibilities of Piping Construction Engineers

A piping construction engineer plans the schedule of piping works, assists with material procurement, oversees installations and maintenance operations and supervises construction staff. To become one, you typically need to earn a bachelor’s degree in mechanical, structural or civil engineering, fulfill licensing requirements and have excellent teamwork, decision-making and communication skills. A piping construction engineer often reports to a construction manager and can secure employment in the natural gas, mining and construction industries.

Procuring Materials
The piping construction engineer uses her industry experience to help procurement engineers purchase high-quality pipes for specific projects. If you’re overseeing installation of pipes in the construction of a water-heating plant, for example, you can make market visits to identify suppliers who sell pipes that meet the specified quality requirements and advise on market prices of different pipes. Using high-quality construction material enhances the overall quality and durability of a project, an aspect the contractor can use to secure future projects.

Scheduling Activities
To ensure completion of construction projects within the set timelines, a piping construction engineer liaises with
construction managers and project designers to create an elaborate plan of events. For construction of a milk-processing plant, for example, the engineer determines what needs to be done at each construction stage, the length of time each task may take and any special conditions necessary for effective piping activities. He then might divide the piping staff into groups, allocate duties and train them on executing the job.

Monitoring Installation
Piping construction engineers monitor the installation of pipes to ensure the work agrees with the project’s design. They inspect work progress to identify challenges, mitigate risks and guarantee the safety of piping staff. For example, a piping engineer overseeing installation of a water system in an urban building must ensure pipe fitters, steamfitters and plumbers
wear protective gear, such as hardhats and gloves, when exposed to hazardous conditions. This also helps to maintain compliance with the Occupational and Safety and Health Administration’s guidelines on use of construction materials with asbestos.

Overseeing Maintenance
If a contractor has an agreement with a project owner to conduct post-construction maintenance services, the piping construction engineer has a responsibility to periodically inspect the facility and identify faulty areas. She can handle minor repairs by herself or bring in more workers for extensive maintenance services. This professional also maintains direct communication with facility owners or managers for direct reporting of leaks, pipe bursts and other technical issues.

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