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How do you Carry Out Estimation?

P&ID Training

1. Input from bid:-

  • P&ID, line list, temperature, pressure.
  • Overall plant layout and piping corridor plan.
  • Scope of work and the specification for the job.
  • Specifications for materials like PMS and VMS.

2. Value addition:-

  • Itmes like valves, flanges, speciality items, reducers can be estimated from P&ID.
  • Length of pipes, elbows, width of pipe rack can be estimated by referring P&ID and overall plot plan.
  • No of tires (on rack ) can be estimated by referring the spacing required for pipes and also the space available.
  • MTO for steam traps, valves (for vent and drain ) can be calculated by using thumb rules.

3. Loads:-

Hydro test loads : Can be estimated by assuming all the pipes (on a grid ) empty except some bigger size lines filled with water.

Actual operating loads: Gas lines to be considered as empty and rest of the lines to be considered as filled with the fluid (which they are suppose to carry in operating condition).
The loads which ever is higher from above two cases should be referred for structural loading.

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