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What is to be Inspected before Welding?

Welding Inspection

Before Welding

  • Availability of Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Work Procedure, Quality Assurance Plan, Working Documents (WD)
  • Joint identification, fit-up groove design, fit up dimensions
  • Method of fit-up (i.e clear requirements)
  • Accessibility for welding, welding platforms
  • Provision of window opening in fit up groove (if required)
  • DE-preservation & cleanliness of joint
  • Cleaning of pipe inside
  • Proper supporting of joint
  • Fit up clearance report
  • Availability of calibrated welding machines & baking ovens
  • Purging arrangement including dam type and location
  • Purity and type of purging gas
  • Preheating arrangements (if required)
  • Filler material color coding, identification and baking arrangement
  • Welding sequence
  • Qualified welder
  • Separately identified tools & tackles, in case of SS material
  • Proper shielding/wind protection arrangements for joint

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