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History of Energy and Oil Industry

Hostory of oil and energy industry

Most people would suppose that the oil and gas business could be a fairly fashionable business partially attributable to the world’s media coverage the present problems featured by the worlds growing would like for this resource. People are exploitation oil for over 5000 years with early man exploitation this valuable resource principally as method|a method of making and sustaining light-weight ... Read More »

Very Good Jobs in Oil and Energy Industry

good jobs in oil and gas industry

Oil and gas achievement remains of key importance with the united kingdom and conjointly on a global basis, oil and gas achievement continues to get a vital half within the revenue generated by the leading technical achievement agencies. Oil jobs will vary from each permanent and contract and may be supported or off shore, most jobs is relevant to 1 ... Read More »

Careers in Oil and Energy Industry

careers in oil and gas industry

The oil and gas trade offers potential staff the chance to figure in one in every of the foremost wanted industries within the world. You only ought to activate the tv to envision however oil influences this word that we tend to sleep in these days, this will vary from the political influence of the rising price of oil and ... Read More »

Benefits of Working in Oil and Gas and Energy Industry

careers in oil and gas industry

Out of all the industries that relate to the engineering trade none have continuing increase its enlisting throughout the past few and most tough monetary years in nowadays than the oil business has. As the trade continues to appear for more resources the amount of enlisting inside the oil exploration trade continues to develop and currently accounts for nearly half-hour ... Read More »

Piping Designers – Check Yourselves


For those independant designers that work on there own, or that preliminary work that goes out for bid, there is no substitution for perfect work. Incomplete work and errors, all cost extra. Here are some useful tips to reduce what a checker would find to almost nothing. As a first step, check all of the information in the title block ... Read More »

Check Valves

Check valves

Check valves A check valve is a mechanical device, a valve, that normally only allows fluid to flow through it in one direction. A double check valve is often used as a backflow prevention device to keep potentially contaminated water from siphoning back into municipal water supply lines. A clapper valve is a type of check valve used in or ... Read More »

Which Standard and Codes will you Refer while Designing the Piping?


Ans: Following are the codes and standards – ASME SEC I Rules for construction of power boilers. ASME SEC VIII Rules for construction of pressure vessels. ASME B 31.1 Power piping ASME B 31.3 Process piping ASME B 31.4 Pipeline transportation system for liquid hydrocarbon and other liquids. API RP 520 Sizing selection and installation of pressure relieving Devices in refineries ... Read More »

Stress Q/A

Stress questions

1. What is the objective of stress analysis? 1. To ensure that the stresses in piping components in the system are within allowable limits 2. To solve dynamic problems developed due to mechanical vibration, fluid hammer, pulsation, relief valves, etc 3. To solve problems associated due to higher or lower operating temperature such as a) Displacement stress range b) Nozzle loading on connected ... Read More »

Pipe Fittings

pipe fittings

Pipe fittings are of different types. 1 )Elbows: Used for change in direction of pipe routing. (a)They are of 2 types 45° Elbow which can be Short Radius Elbow, R = 1D Long Radius Elbow, R = 1.5D 90° Elbow which can be Short Radius Elbow, R = 1D Long Radius Elbow, R = 1.5D (b)According to end connection elbows ... Read More »



It consists of bolts, full threaded stud bolts and nuts. Bolts have hexagonal or round head while studs are without heads. One stud with two nuts forms a set of fastener. Fasteners are used for flange joints in piping to retain flanges and gaskets. Threading is done on the studs and bolts by two methods. 1. Cut threads using cutting ... Read More »

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