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Electrical Engineering 8 Basic Laws

Electrical Engineering 8 Basic Laws

Basic Laws in Electrical Engineering Ohm’s law Law of resistance Joule’s law of heating Fleming’s right-hand rule Fleming left hand rule Faraday’s law First law Second law Lenz’s law Kirchhoff’s law Kirchhoff’s current law Kirchhoff’s voltage law Top Courses in Engineering Design PDMS Training 3+ Live Projects 700+ Interview Questions 24/7 E-learning Access SP3D Training Certified Trainer 700+ Interview Questions ... Read More »

What is the Definition of a Pressure Vessel

Definition of Pressure Vessel

A pressure vessel is a container, which is designed to store fluids (liquids or gases) at temperatures and pressures very different from the room and atmospheric pressures and temperatures. Pressure vessels must be able to withstand high pressures and temperatures, which can be exerted by typical pressure vessel Related Courses in Engineering Design PV Design Course 3+ Live Projects Time ... Read More »

World’s Largest Refineries

World's Largest Refineries

No. No Name of Refinery Location Barrels per Day 1 Jamnagar Refinery (Reliance Industries Ltd.) Gujarat, India 1,240,000 2 Paraguana Refinery Complex (PDVSA) Paraguana, Falcon, Venezuela 940,000 3 SK energy Co.,Ltd. Ulsan Refinery (SK Energy) Ulsan, South Korea 850,000 4 Ruwais Refinery (Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company) Ruwais, UAE 817,000 5 GS Caltex Yeosu Refinery (GS Caltex) Yeosu, South Korea ... Read More »

Piping Elbows and Bends

Piping Elbows and Bends

Piping elbows and bends are very important pipe fitting which are used very frequently for changing direction in piping system. Piping elbow and piping bend are not the same, even though sometimes these two terms are interchangeably used. A bend is simply a generic term in piping for an “offset” – a change in direction of the piping. It signifies ... Read More »

Types of Common Fittings

Types of Common Fittings

Flange Weld Neck, Slip On, Socket Weld, Screwed, Lap Joint, Blind Neck Elbow Butt Weld (LR, STD, SR), Screwed, Socket Weld Equal Tee Tee Butt Weld, Screwed, Socket Weld Un-Equal Tee Butt Weld, Screwed, Socket Weld Concentric Reducer Butt Weld, Screwed, Socket Weld Eccentric Reducer Butt Weld Coupling Screwed, Socket Weld, Reduced Bushing Screwed Boss Screwed, Socket Weld Weld-o’let Butt ... Read More »

Piping Design Engineer Interview Questions Part-11 (Valves – V)

Piping Design Engineer Interview Questions Part-11

41. What is relief valve? Valve to relieve excess pressure in liquids in situations where full flow discharge is not required, when release of small volume of liquid would rapidly lower pressure. 42. What is safety valve? Rapid opening(popping action) full flow valve for air and other gases. 43. What is foot valve? Valve used to maintain a head of ... Read More »

Safety Questionaire

Nebosh training in kerala

1. Name seven places of safety equipment that a fabricator will use? Helmet Head protection Goggles, cutting googles Eye protection Ear plugs Ear protection Grinding Shield Face protection Leather gloves Hand protection Fire proof coveralls Body protection Safety shoes Leg protection 2. How should oxygen & acetylene cylinders be stored when in use? Secured with a cap and chain Upright ... Read More »

ASTM Materials

piping engineering training

Pipes A106 = This specification covers carbon steel pipe for high-temperature service. A335 = This specification covers seamless ferritic alloy-steel pipe for high-temperature service. A333 = This specification covers wall seamless and welded carbon and alloy steel pipe intended for use at low temperatures. A312 = Standard specification for seamless, straight-seam welded, and cold worked welded austenitic stainless steel pipe ... Read More »

Piping Design Engineer Interview Questions Part-9 (Valves-III)

Piping Design Engineer Interview Questions Part-9

21. Where stop check valve is used? In stem generation by multiple boilers, where a valve is inserted between each boiler and the main steam header. It can be optionally closed automatically or normally. 22. Where diaphragm valves are used? Used for low pressure corrosive services as shut off valves. 23. What is barstock valve? Any valve having a body ... Read More »

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