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Stress Analysis Interview Questions:- Part-3

oilandgasclub.com stress analyse

18. Why do we provide drip leg in steam line? To remove condensate when there is a rise of same in the pipe along the flow direction. If drip leg is not provided in steam line, the condensate which forms inside the pipe will result in water hammer effect causing damage to piping system. 19. What is the design standard followed for ... Read More »

Questions Related to Pipe Under Stress:- Part-2

Questions Related to pipe under stress oilandgasclub

7. What are the other stresses against which the design of piping is safe guarded? A. Principal stress. B. Shear stress. Apart from the stress which is normal to the surface of the crystal as mentioned in question No. 4, the grains would have been oriented in the pipe wall in all possible orientations. The above stresses (axial, circumferential and radial stress) ... Read More »

Questions Related to Pipe Under Stress:- Part-1

oilandgasclub.com stress

1. What are primary loads? Mention some of primary loads? These are typically steady or sustained types of loads. These loads have their origin in some force acting on the pipe causing tension, compression, torsion etc leading to normal and shear stress. Primary loads are not self limiting. Some of the primary loads are as:- A. Internal fluid pressure B. External ... Read More »

Question Related to Mechanical Design Fundamentals:- Part–2

mechanical fundamentals

1. How much design temperature shall be considered for the structural parts which are heated by steam, thermic fluid etc? Design temperature shall be the highest expected temperature of the heating media or highest expected body part temperature plus 10C. Here, 10 C is the safety margin. 2. Define proof stress? It is also called 0.2% proof stress. It is the stress ... Read More »

Question Related to Equipment and Piping Layout:- Part-2


9. What is line routing diagram? A line routing diagram is a schematic representation of all process and utility – piping system drawn on a copy of plot plan. This diagram does not show the exact locations, elevations or interference but it locates the most congested area. 10. How do you calculate the width of pipe rack? W = (f X n ... Read More »

Question Related to Equipment and Piping Layout:- Part-1


1. What are the steps involve in plant design? The mechanical design and development of the plant has three major steps as:- A. Conceptual layout design. B. Equipment layout design. C. Piping layout design. 2. What is conceptual layout design? It is the part of basic engineering package. It consists of following information:- A. Essential process design requirement such as ... Read More »

Questions Related to Pipes Supports:- Part-2

oilandgasclub.com pipe support

7. Where do you provide anchor and slotted support of heat exchanger? Anchor support of heat exchanger is provided on the side from which tube bundle will be pulled out for the purpose of maintenance work also it is based on the growth of the connecting piping as exchanger should grow with the piping. 8. What should be the material of shoes ... Read More »

Questions Related to Pipe Fittings:-Part-3

oilandgasclub.com pipie fitting question

31. What is the main use of ASTM A53 & A106 Gr.B pipes? ASTM A53 pipes are mainly used for utility services whereas A106 Gr. B pipes are used for high pressure & high temperature services. 32. From which side of pipe will you take a branch connection? When fluid is gas, air or steam and cryogenic service – topside. ... Read More »

Questions Related to Pipe Fittings:- Part-2

questions related to pipe fittings

16. On which type of flanges the use of spiral wound gasket are restricted? ASME B16.5 does not recommend the use of 150 # rating spiral wound gasket on flanges other than welding neck and lapped joint type. 17. Up to what temperature limits the low strength carbon steel bolts should not be used for flanged joints? Flanged joints using low strength ... Read More »

Questions Related to Codes & Standards:-

oilandgasclub code and standard

1. What is the ASME code followed for design of piping systems in process piping (refineries & chemical industries)? (i) B 31.1 (ii) B 31.3 (iii) B 31.5 (iv) B 31.9 Answer:- (II) 2. Which American Institute Standard does piping engineer refer? A. The American Petroleum Institute (API). B. The American Iron & Steel Institute (AISI). C. The American Society for ... Read More »

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