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ASTM / American Society for Testing and Materials


There are numerous American Society for Testing and Materials designations cover the specification of wrought materials, forgings and castings used for plate, fittings, pipe and valves.The ASTM standards are directed to dimensional standards, materials and strength considerations. Some of the more material standards referenced are: A 36 Specification for Structural Steel A 53 Specification for Pipe, Steel, Black and Hot ... Read More »

Conversion of Units


Conversion Factor: 1 Meter = 3.28 Feet 1 Meter = 39.37 Inches 1 Meter = 100 Centimeters 1 Meter = 1000 Millimeters 1 Foot = 12 Inches 1 Inch = 2.54 Centimeters 1 Centimeter = 10 Millimeters S.no English – Fraction (Inch) English Decimal (Inch) English (Millimeter) 1. 1/16 0.0625 1.6 2. 1/8 0.125 3.2 3. 1/4 0.25 6.4 4. ... Read More »

Piping Engineers Must Be Check


AREA Definition: A surface covered by specific shape is called area of that shape. i.e. area of square, circle etc. 1. Square: Area of Square = L x L = L2 Where L = L Length of side So if L = 5 cm Then Area = 5 x 5 = 25 cm2 2. Rectangle: Area of Rectangle = L ... Read More »

Most Important Documents Produced by Piping Engineer

Most Important Documents Produced by Piping Engineer

1) Plot plan:Arranging all plant units in a logical manner to take care of Material flow, statutory requirements, & good engineering Practices. 2) Equipment layouts: Document showing layout of all equipment’s satisfying the Process requirements, safety & statutory Regulations, operability ease of maintenance & economy. 3) Piping layouts: Document showing layouts of piping network to carry fluids From one equipment ... Read More »

Advantages & Disadvantages of Material

advantages & disadvantages of material

Material Advantages Disadvantages Limitations Carbon Steel Lowest Capex Cheapest option Opex Involves inspection pigging Internal corrosion control through inhibition Corrosion rates are high Possibility of intelligent or coating Additional Opex through inhibition High corrosion (pigging) and external painting Carbon Steel with FBE Capex slightly more Low Opex Internal corrosion protection through lining Susceptible for corrosion if FBE coating is damaged ... Read More »

Piping Design Engineer Interview Questions Part-13

piping design engineer interview questions part 13

1. What is the ASME code followed for design of piping systems in process piping (refineries&chemical industries)? A) B31.1 B)B31.3 C)B31.5 D)B31.9 Ans: (B) 2. What do you mean by following items? A)ISLB-400 B)ISMB-600 C)ISHB-350 D)ISMC-300 E)ISJB-150 F)ISLB-200 G)ISMB-450 H)ISWB-400 I)ISJC-200 J)ISLC-350 K)ISMC-250 Ans: A – Indian STD lightweight beam, web size-400 B – Indian STD medium weight beam, web ... Read More »

Piping Design Engineer Interview Questions Part-6 (Drums)

piping design course in noida

15. What are drum internals? Demister pads, baffles, vortex breakers, distribution piping. 16. What are drum elevation requirements? NPSH, minimum clearance, common platforming, maintenance, operator access. 17. What are drum supports? Skirt for large drums, legs, lugs, saddles for horizontal drums. 18. What are necessary nozzles for non-pressure vessel? Inlet, outlet, vent, manhole, drain, overflow, agitator, temperature element, level instrument, ... Read More »

What is to be Inspected before Welding?

piping design course in chennai

Before Welding Availability of Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Work Procedure, Quality Assurance Plan, Working Documents (WD) Joint identification, fit-up groove design, fit up dimensions Method of fit-up (i.e clear requirements) Accessibility for welding, welding platforms Provision of window opening in fit up groove (if required) DE-preservation & cleanliness of joint Cleaning of pipe inside Proper supporting of joint Fit up ... Read More »

What are the Various Statutory Requirements to be Considered during Layout?

piping layout requirements

State Industrial Development Corporation (SIDC) Central/State Environment Pollution Control Boards(PCBS) Factory Inspectorate State Electricity Boards Chief Controller of Explosives (CCOE) Static & Pressure Vessel Rules(SMPV) Tariff Advisory Committee Aviation Laws Chief Inspector of Boilers(CIB) Oil Industry Directorate (OISD) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) Top Courses in Engineering Design PDMS Training 3+ Live Projects 700+ ... Read More »

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