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What are the Inputs Required for Stress Analysis of a Piping System


Answer: Pipe size Fluid temperature Pipe material Model Design pressure Insulation thickness Specific gravity Friction coefficient Top Courses in Engineering Design PDMS Training 3+ Live Projects 700+ Interview Questions 24/7 E-learning Access SP3D Training Certified Trainer 700+ Interview Questions Job Assistance PDS Training 40+ Mock test 20+ Sub Topic Job Assistance Intools Training 3+ Live Project 20+ Sub Topic Expert ... Read More »

Turbine Generator Systems

Turbine Genarator System

These types include condensing, non-condensing, reheat, extraction and induction. Condensing turbines are most commonly found in electrical power plants. These turbines exhaust steam in a partially condensed state, typically of a quality near 90%, at a pressure well below atmospheric to a condenser. Non-condensing or back pressure turbines are most widely used for process steam applications. The exhaust pressure is ... Read More »

Cathodic Protection History

History of cathodic protection

Cathodic protection was first described by Sir Humphry Davy in a series of papers presented to the Royal Society in London in 1824. Thomas Edison experimented with impressed current cathodic protection on ships in 1890, but was unsuccessful due to the lack of a suitable current source and anode materials. In the USA by 1945 the use of CP was ... Read More »

Advantages of Plant Design Management System – PDMS

PDMS training in chennai

Advantages of PDMS To see the actual model of the plant in the software with exact dimensions. To reduce the material from 10% to 30% from the manual calculations of the material of the project. We can save time while designing the project in pdms. Designing project in 2d like AutoCAD taking much more time as compared to pdms. In ... Read More »

Execution of Piping Engineering and Needs of Various Process Industries

piping engineering

Piping Engineering is a specialised branch of engineering dealing with design and layouts of piping network along with the equipments in a process plant. These layouts from a complete blue print of the plant and are used for plant construction at site. The most important factors to be considered are process requirements, safety, operability, maintenance, compliance with the statutory requirements ... Read More »

Process Flow Diagram (OR) System Flow Diagram

PDS training

A Process Flow Diagram – PFD – (or System Flow Diagram – SFD) shows the relationships between the major components in the system. PFD also tabulate process design values for the components in different operating modes, typical minimum, and maximum. A PFD does not show minor components, piping systems, piping ratings and designations. A PFD should include: Process piping Major ... Read More »

Role of Piping Design Engineers

Piping design engineering

Piping design engineers involvement starts right from feasibility and then to conceptual and then to detail engineering where the output comes in terms of drawings. Study the process requirements & site condition to design and plan the mechanical system that can support the process operations work. Plan and prepare layout to analyze the space requirement, road access, maintenance space, location of ... Read More »

Cathodic Protection Summit CPS-2016 Event Details

cathodic preotection summit cps 2016

Cathodic Protection Summit CPS-2016(A Step Towards Asset Integrity) Day : 27 – 28 May 2016 Location : In Hotel Grand, New Delhi, India Cathodic Protection Summit (CPS 2016) is the first initiative in India to conduct a technical summit solely on Cathodic Protection Technology to increase awareness and knowledge. The conference will deliberate on the state-of-the-art Cathodic Protection technology, CP ... Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Penetrant Testing

SP3D online course

Like all nondestructive inspection methods, liquid penetrant inspection has both advantages and disadvantages. The primary advantages and disadvantages when compared to other NDE methods are summarized below. Primary advantages: The method has high sensitivity to small surface discontinuities. The method has few material limitations, i.e. metallic and nonmetallic, magnetic and nonmagnetic, and conductive and non-conductive materials may be inspected. Large ... Read More »

How do you Carry Out Estimation?

piping design course in mumbai

Answer: 1. Input from bid:- P&ID, line list, temperature, pressure. Overall plant layout and piping corridor plan. Scope of work and the specification for the job. Specifications for materials like PMS and VMS. 2. Value addition:- Itmes like valves, flanges, speciality items, reducers can be estimated from P&ID. Length of pipes, elbows, width of pipe rack can be estimated by referring ... Read More »

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