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Stress Q/A

Stress questions

1. What is the objective of stress analysis?
1. To ensure that the stresses in piping components in the system are within allowable limits
2. To solve dynamic problems developed due to mechanical vibration, fluid hammer, pulsation, relief valves, etc
3. To solve problems associated due to higher or lower operating temperature such as
a) Displacement stress range
b) Nozzle loading on connected equipments
c) Pipe displacements
d) Loads & moments on supporting structure
2. What are the steps involved in stress analysis (or any stress package carries out)?
1. Identify the potential loads that the piping system would encounter during the life of the plant
2. Relate each of these loads to the stresses and strains developed
3. Get the cumulative effect of the potential loads in the system
4. Decide the allowable limits the system can withstand without failure as per code
5. After the system is designed to ensure that the stresses are within safe limits
3. What are the different types of stresses that may get generated within pipe during normal operation?
Axial stresses (tensile / compressive), Shear stresses, Radial stresses, Hoopes

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