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Standards for Valves

process piping design asme b31.1

Standard Title
ASME B16.34 Valves – Flanged, Threaded, and Welding End
API 594 Wafer Check Valves
API 599 Steel and Ductile Iron Plug Valves
API 600 Steel Gate Valves, Flanged and Buttwelding Ends
API 602 Compact Steel Gate Valves
API 603 Class 150 Cast, Corrosion-Resistant, Flanged – End Gate Valves
API 608 Metal Ball Valves – Flanged and Buttwelding Ends
API 609 Butterfly Valves, Lug – Type and Wafer – Type
AWWA C500 Gate Valves, 3 inch through 48 inch, for Water and Sewage Systems
AWWA C504 Rubber Seated Butterfly Valves
MSS SP-42 (Note 1) Class 150 Corrosion Resistant Gate, Globe, Angle and Check Valves with Flanged and Butt Weld Ends
MSS SP-67 (Note 1) Butterfly Valves
MSS SP-70 Cast Iron Gate Valves, Flanged and Threaded Ends
MSS SP-71 Cast Iron Swing Check Valves, Flanged and Threaded Ends
MSS SP-72 Ball Valves with Flanged or Butt – Welding Ends for general Service
MSS SP-80 Bronze Gate, Globe, Angle and Check
MSS SP-81 Stainless Steel, Bonnetless, Flanged Knife Gate Valves
MSS SP-85 Cast Iron Globe & Angle Valves Flanged and Threaded Ends
MSS SP-88 Diaphragm Type Valves

Note1: These valves are acceptable even though not listed in Table 326.1 of ASME B31.3. They are listed in Table 126.1 of ASME B31.1. The additional requirements of ASME B31.3 must be met in that “only valves stem is retained by an assembly which functions independently of the stem seal retainer shall be used” (refer to paragraph 107.1(D) of ASME B31.3)

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