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Safety Questionaire

Iosh Managing Safely Questions

1. Name seven places of safety equipment that a fabricator will use?

Helmet Head protection
Goggles, cutting googles Eye protection
Ear plugs Ear protection
Grinding Shield Face protection
Leather gloves Hand protection
Fire proof coveralls Body protection
Safety shoes Leg protection

2. How should oxygen & acetylene cylinders be stored when in use?
Secured with a cap and chain
Upright position on a trolley
3. What is flashback?
The falme travels backup into the blowpipe body, (retrogression) and up into the hose with the possible risk of explosion.

4. Name six preventive actions that a fabricator can take to prevent falshback occuring?

  • Ensure all hose connections are tight.
  • Ensure cyilnder valves are open and blow pipe valves are closed
  • Set regulators to correct pressure (< 15 psi)
  • Purge each hose separately prior to commencement of work
  • Close each gas valve after work is complete
  • Ensure flashback arrestors are fited with cutting torch and regulators.

5. What standard piece of safety equipment ust be close by adjacent to the work area?
Fire extinguisher
6. What must always be fitted to a grinder?
Protective guard
7. What must you wear while using gas cutting equipment?
Long sleeve leather hand gloves, cutting googles (with UV protection), coverall, safety shoe.
8. What must you do when you hear an alert sound/alarm?

  • Turn off all plants
  • Stop work immediately

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