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Role of Piping Engineer


  • Piping engineers look after execution phase of the project or to be concise he takes charge on construction phase of the project.
  • Assisting construction team in reading drawings, locating the exact point of installation, supply and monitoring inventory.
  • Troubleshooting field raised issues and providing immediate solution to the execution team.
  • Monitoring the entire execution phase to make sure that the piping arrangements are exactly fabricated and installed as given in the drawings.
  • Verify the requirements of vent and drain more than specified in the drawings to facilitate the hydro testing and any other testing on demand from unit.
  • Ensure that safety measures are considered during construction and permits are granted after safety inspection.
  • Co-ordinate with operation and maintenance team to ensure that the unit requirements are met during construction.
  • Review drawings and study the site condition in prior to the construction phase to mobilize the equipment, tools and man powers as necessary as required.
  • Follow up with quality inspection team to examine that the weld joints are tested for its integrity.
  • Examining hydro testing process and approve the piping after completion of testing.
  • Driving the construction team to complete the job on time as planned by facilitating the need of the contractors.
  • Prepare documentation about the summary of the project, safety issues, lesson learnt, & material balance inventory report.
  • Coordinating with operation team during the commissioning of the project.
  • Involve in HAZOP and HAZID studies with team of mechanical and process engineers.

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