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Role of the Pipe Field Engineer in Safety


The Piping or Mechanical Field Engineer is a direct contributor to the safety of the work operations at the construction site. Since all safe work operations must begin with pre-planning, the Field Engineer makes a direct contribution to safety by reviewing the planned work with safety in mind. The Field Engineer is typically responsible to develop a detailed work package for work planned by the Superintendent, verify the required materials are available and obtain the required permits to perform the work.

The following specific types of questions might be asked by the Field Engineer to ensure the work can be done safely:

  • How will the materials get to the work location?
  • Can pre-assembly be done to avoid performing work in tight or cramped quarters?
  • Does the work require the use of hazardous materials?
  • Are MSDS sheets available at the site for all materials that are required to be used?
  • Have all the required permits (e.g. confined space entry permits) been obtained to allow the work to be performed?
  • Are there any special requirements that supervision or the craft need to be aware of prior to starting the work?
  • Have all special equipment tagging requirements been satisfied?
  • Are all the required materials available on the site?
  • Have the materials been inspected for damage or flaws that might cause injury during installation?
  • Has a thorough review for potential underground obstructions such as existing utilities, energized electrical cables and process lines been performed prior to authorizing the work to proceed?
  • Is the proposed work site free of potential fire hazards?
  • Is the housekeeping adequate?
  • Are trenches or excavations adequately sloped or shored?
  • Is a special shoring design required due to the depth or location of the excavation or trench?
  • Have required rigging plans been prepared and approved?
  • Have the requirements of the approved rigging plan been reviewed with the craft who will perform the work?
  • Is the scaffolding required to perform the work properly erected?
  • Is a special scaffold design required to access the work location?

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