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Questions Related to Wrapping & Coating / Insulation / Cathodic Protection:- Part-2

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11. What is the material applied on the flanges or valves to obtain smooth surface for
application of cold tape?
Moulding compound shall be hand applied to obtain the smooth surface for application of cold tape on flanges / valves.
12. What is the device used to locate the defects on surface of coating & wrapping?
Holiday detector.
13. How much crest voltage of  holiday detector shall be set?
The crest voltage of holiday detector shall be set as high as practical.
14. What is the test to ensure the proper thickness, adhesion and the position of inner wrap?
A square of 25mm X 25mm shall be cut from wrapping for determination of thickness, adhesion and position of the inner wrap. This shall be carried out at the rate of one pipe per 50 coated.
15. What are different types of Anodes used in cathodic protection?
Different types of anodes are magnesium, zinc, high silicon iron, aluminum etc.

16. What are insulating gasket kits?
Insulation gasket kits are designed to restrict the effects of corrosion often found in flanged pipe systems. The most common example is fire water line running inside the ground and turned upward on above ground with flanged connection.
It consists of following kits: –
A. Gasket : – Neoprene faced Phenolic / Glass Reinforced Epoxy (G10).
B. Insulation sleeve : – Reinforced Phenolic / Nylon / Polyethylene / (G10).
C. Insulation washer : – Reinforced Phenolic / Nylon / Polyethylene / (G10).
D. Plated washer : – Electro plated steel washer.
17. What is the temperature limit for application of insulation for personnel protection?
Insulation for personnel protection shall be required when the line operating temperature exceeds 60C.
18. What short of paint is applied on the inside surface of aluminium metal jackets for pipe
All pipe insulation shall be provided with an aluminum metal jacket with site applied moisture barrier of bituminous paints.
19. Which material is used for securement of insulation on pipe?
For securement of insulation following material are applied:
A. Stainless steel wire (SS –304) of 1 mm thickness with 225 mm intervals.
B. Aluminium bands of 0.6 X 20 mm with 225 mm intervals.
20. What shall be layers of insulation for different thickness?
The insulation shall be single layer up to 75mm thickness and double layer at 90mm thickness and greater.
21. What care shall be taken before applying insulation?
The surface to be insulated shall be free from oil, grease and all other foreign matter and shall be free from moisture prior to the application of any insulation.


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