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Questions Related to Pipes Supports:- Part-2


7. Where do you provide anchor and slotted support of heat exchanger?
Anchor support of heat exchanger is provided on the side from which tube bundle will be pulled out for the purpose of maintenance work also it is based on the growth of the connecting piping as exchanger should grow with the piping.
8. What should be the material of shoes for supporting as pipes & why?
If CS shoes are used then pad in contact with the pipe shall be of alloy steel to avoid dissimilar welding at pipe. To avoid alloy steel welding and dissimilar welding, fabricated clamps either of CS or SS can be used.
9. What are sway braces?
Sway braces are essentially a double acting spring housed in a canister. Their purpose is to limit the undesirable movement. Undesirable movement means movement caused by wind loading, rapid valve closure, relief valve opening, two phase flow or earthquake.
10. What is the difference between variable spring hanger and constant spring hanger?
Variable spring hanger: –
As the name itself indicates the resistance of the coil to a load changes during compression.
Constant spring hanger: –
Constant spring hanger provides constant support force for pipes and equipment subjected to vertical movement due to thermal expansion.

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