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Questions Related to Pipe Fittings:-Part-3

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31. What is the main use of ASTM A53 & A106 Gr.B pipes?
ASTM A53 pipes are mainly used for utility services whereas A106 Gr. B pipes are used for high pressure & high temperature services.
32. From which side of pipe will you take a branch connection?
When fluid is gas, air or steam and cryogenic service – topside.
When fluid is liquid – bottom side.
33. Why don’t we take a branch for cryogenic service from bottom side though the fluid is in liquid state?
There is the chance of ice formation during normal operation and since ice flows from the bottom of the pipe it will block the branch pipe connection.
33. Why do we provide High Point Vent (HPV) and Low Point Drain (LPD) in piping?
HPV – For removing air during hydro-test.
LPD – For draining water after conducting hydro-test.
34. What do you mean by jacketed piping?
Piping which is recognized as providing the most uniform application of heat to the process, as well as maintaining the most uniform processing temperatures where steam tracing is not capable of maintaining the temperature of fluid constant. Usually used for molten sulphur, polymers service.

35. What is the minimum distance to be maintained between two welds in a pipe?
Answer:- The thumb rule is that the minimum distance between adjacent butt welds is 1D. If not, it is never closer than 1-1/2″. This is supposedly to prevent the overlap of HAZs. Minimum spacing of circumferential welds between centerlines shall not be less than 4 times the pipe wall thickness or 25 mm whichever is greater.
36. What do you mean by IBR and which lines comes under IBR purview?
IBR: Indian Boiler Regulation Act.
Steam lines with conditions listed bellow comes under IBR purview :–
1) Lines for which design pressure is 3.5 kg/sq.cm and above.
2) Line size above 10” having design pressure 1.0 kg/sq.cm and above.
3) Boiler feed water lines to steam generator, condensate lines to steam generator and flash drum.
37. What are weldolet and sockolet? And where they are used?
Weldolet and sockolet are basically self-reinforced fittings. Weldolet is used for butt weld branch connection where standard tee is not available due to size restrictions and the piping is of critical / high-pressure service. Sockolet is used for socket welding branch connection, which require reinforcing pad.
38. What is the MOC for superheated high pressure steam lines?
A 335 Gr. P I / P 11, composition: Cr. – ½ Mo (P1) / 1¼ Cr. – ½ Mo (P11)
39. What is the normal upstream and downstream straight length of orifice flow meter?
Upstream – 15D Downstream – 5D

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  3. I didn’t know what jacketed piping was before I read this article, so I appreciate you outlining the process. As you say, this provides the most uniform application of heat to the process, which I can see can be important. This can ensure that the whole process is uniform and you eliminate any extensive problems that could arise. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for answering these questions. It’s a good thing that you answered what Weldolet and Sockolet fittings are. I was looking at them yesterday wondering which one I should use for my pipes. I need a fitting for my pipes where a standard tee isn’t available, so it’s good to know that a Weldolet will do the trick. Now that I know what to use, I can be sure that the fittings that I use for my pipes are the right ones.

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