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Questions for RTR Piping

Stress questions

1.What is the maximum time limit to test backfilled portion?
24 Hr
2.For the line whose joints have not been backfilled what is the maximum time limit for testing ?
04 Hrs
3.a)What is the minimum number of gauge to be used in pressure testing ?
b) What should be its ranger as per ASME .sec VIII
As per ASME sec VIII Dev 1 the pressure should be within 40% to 80% of the full range
4.What is the pressure relief valve (s) & what is the functional of the valve?
The testing instrument this equipment shall be protected from pressure by relief valve

5.What is the hydrotest pressure and duration for RTR piping?
150 psig-04Hrs
6.What are the different kind of RTR Joints ?
Taper – Taper joints II mechanical key lock joints, III built wrap joints
7. What is the full form of RTR?
Reinforced Thermosetting Resin
8.How much is the bedding layer required for the trench and what is the type of sand to be used ?
150 mm is depth, soft and cleen sand, free of debris and rocks .
9.What is the compacted relative density and proctor density?
R.D = 70 % and P.D = 9.5 %

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