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Piping Design Engineer Interview Questions Part-13

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1. What is the ASME code followed for design of piping systems in process piping (refineries&chemical industries)?
A) B31.1 B)B31.3 C)B31.5 D)B31.9
Ans: (B)
2. What do you mean by following items?
A)ISLB-400 B)ISMB-600 C)ISHB-350 D)ISMC-300 E)ISJB-150 F)ISLB-200 G)ISMB-450 H)ISWB-400 I)ISJC-200 J)ISLC-350 K)ISMC-250
A – Indian STD lightweight beam, web size-400
B – Indian STD medium weight beam, web size-600
C – Indian STD ‘H’ beam, web size-350
D – Indian STD medium weight channel, web size-300
E – Indian STD junior beam, web size-150
F – Indian STD lightweight beam, web size-200
G – Indian STD medium weight beam, web size-450
H – Indian STD wide flange beam, web size-400
I – Indian STD junior channel, web size-200
J – Indian STD lightweight channel, web size-350
K – Indian STD medium weight channel, web size-250
3. What is this item?
A)ISA-100X100X12 B)ISA-80X50X10 C)ISLT-100X100
Ans: A) Equal angle size 100X12 THK B) Unequal angle size 80X50X12 THK C)Indial STD lightweight tee bar size 100X100

4. What is the difference between stub in and stub on branches? Which one is preferred?
Ans: For branching of one size lesser of run pipe, stub on is preferred. For other branching less than one size of run pipe stub in is preferred. The design is based on ANSI B31.3.
5. What is the difference between Pipe and Tube?
Ans: Pipe is identified by NB and thickness is defined by schedule whereas Tube is identified by OD.
6. From which size on-wards NB of pipe is equal to OD of pipe?
Ans: From the size 14” and on-wards NB = OD of pipe.
7. Write down the outside diameter of following pipe?
A) 3 inch B) 6 inch C) 10 inches D) 14 inch
Ans: A) 3 inches = 88.9mm B) 6 inches = 168.28mm C) 10 inch = 273.06mm D)14 inch = 355mm (OD = sizeX25.4)
8. What is the difference between machine bolt and stud bold?
Ans: Machine bolt has a head on one side and not on other side but stud bolt have nuts on both sides.
9. What is soluble dam?
Ans: Soluble dam is a water-soluble material used for restricting the purging gas within the pipe.
10. While welding of pipe trunion to pipe/reinforcement pad you have to put a hole or leave some portion of welding why?
Ans: For venting of hot gas which may get generated due to welding.

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