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Piping Design Engineer Interview Questions Part-9 (Valves-III)

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21. Where stop check valve is used?
In stem generation by multiple boilers, where a valve is inserted between each boiler and the main steam header. It can be optionally closed automatically or normally.
22. Where diaphragm valves are used?
Used for low pressure corrosive services as shut off valves.
23. What is barstock valve?
Any valve having a body machined from solid metal (barstock). Usually needle or globe type.
24. What is BIBB valve?
A small valve with turned down end, like a faucet.
25. What is bleed valve?
Small valve provided for drawing off liquid.

26. What is blowdown valve?
Refers to a plug type disc globe valve used for removing sludge and sedimentary matter from the bottom of boiler drums, vessels, driplegs etc.
27. What is breather valve?
A special self acting valve installed on storage tanks etc to release vapor or gas on slight increase of internal pressure (in the region of 1/2 to 3 ounces per square inch).
28. What is drip valve?
A drain valve fitted to the bottom of a driplet to permit blowdown.
29. What is flap valve?
A non return valve having a hinged disc or rubber or leather flap used for low pressure lines.
30. What is hose valve?
A gate or globe valve having one of its ends externally threaded to one of the hose thread standards in use in the USA. These valves are used for vehicular and firewater connections.

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