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Piping Design Engineer Interview Questions Part-8 (Valves-II)

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11. What is wire drawing?
This term is used to indicate the premature erosion of the valve seat caused by excessive velocity between seat and seat disc, when valve is not closed tightly
12. What is straight through valve?
Valve in which the closing operation of valve is achieved by 90 degrees turn of the closing element.
13. What pressure tests are carried out on valves?
Shell-hydrostatic, seat-hydrostatic, seat-pneumatic
14. What are available valve operators?
Handlever, handwheel, chain operator, gear operator, powered operator likes electric motor, solenoid, pneumatic and hydraulic operators, quick acting operators for non-rotary valves (handle lift).
15.What are two types of ball valve?
Full port design and regular port design, according to type of seat, soft seat and metal seat

16. What are ball valve body types?
Single piece, double piece, three piece, the short pattern, long pattern, sandwitch and flush bottom design.
17. Why ball valves are normally flanged?
Because of soft seat PTFE which can damage during welding.
18. What are butterfly valve types?
Double flange type, wafer lug type and wafer type.
19. What are types of check valve?
Lift check valves and swing check valves.
20. What are non-slam check valves?
Swing check valve, conventional check valve, wafer check valve, tilting disc check valve, piston check valve, stop check valve, ball check valve.

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