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Piping Design Engineer Interview Questions Part-11 (Valves – V)

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41. What is relief valve?
Valve to relieve excess pressure in liquids in situations where full flow discharge is not required, when release of small volume of liquid would rapidly lower pressure.
42. What is safety valve?
Rapid opening(popping action) full flow valve for air and other gases.
43. What is foot valve?
Valve used to maintain a head of water on the suction side of sump pump, basically a lift check valve with integrated strainer.
44. What is float valve?
Used to control liquid level in tanks, operated by float, which rises with liquid level and opens the valve to control water level. It can also remove air from system, in which case, air flows out of system in valve open condition, but when water reaches valve, float inside valve raises to close the valve and stop flow of water. Used in drip legs.

45. What are flush bottom valves?
Special type of valves used to drain out the piping, reactors and vessels, attached on pad type nozzles.
46. What are types of flush bottom valves?
Valves with discs opening into the tank and valves with disks into the valve.
47. What are the uses of three-way valve?
Alternate connection of the two supply lines to a common delivery vise versa, isolating one safety valve, division of flow with isolation facility.
48. What are uses of four way valve?
Reversal of pump suction and delivery, by pass of strainer or meter, reversal of flow through filter, heat exchanger or dryer.
49. What is metal seated lubricated plug valve?
A plug valve with no plastic material, where grease is applied to contacting surfaces for easy operation.
50. What are three patterns of plug valve design?
Regular pattern, short pattern and ventury pattern.

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