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Pipe Stress Analysis

piping stress analysis caesar training

1)  Some of the pipes are subjected to high pressure and high temperature also pipes carry of the flowing fluid
2) We nee to check and confirm the pipe is not going to fail with these loading.
3) This process of checking the stress developed in the piping due to various loading is called PIPE STRESS ANALYSIS/FLEXIBILITY ANALYSIS
4) In the process of checking of analysis we apply various postulated loading on the pipe and find out the stress resulted from these loading.
5) Then we check with governing codes if those stresses generated are acceptable or not. We check  support load & movement for various loading condition.
6) We also find out the pipe growth due to change in temperature and need to keep the movement of pipe within acceptable limits. Pipe stress analysis is an interactive and lterative process, each step is checked
7) If a check fails we have to go back, modify the layout and restart the analysis.
Geometric layout of pipe
Pipe supporting configuration
Pipe diameter and thickness
Pressure inside pipe cold and hot temperature of pipe
Weight of pipe and insulation
Weight  of carrying fluid
Pipe material property (young’s modulus, thermal expansion coefficient)
Thrust on pipe due to earthquake
Load of snow on pipe
Any transient loading like steam hammer load
Any other load on the piping

Tools we use
CAESER – commercial piping analysis  software
PIPSYS – is an integrated pipe stress analysis module of PLADES  2000
There are many other commercial software available
1)Stress of the pipe at various loading condition
2)Load at various supports and restrain
3)Movement of pipe at support location
4)Pipe terminal point loading. In general power plant piping have to comply stipulations of ASME ANSI B 31.1
Codes and Standards
1)In general power plant piping  have to comply stipulations of ASME ANSI B 31.1
2)In India power cycle piping to comply IBR code requirement

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