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MARIAN is a material management system for plant & pipeline engineering. Its main applications are in the construction of processing plants for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and mineral oil industries and for industrial pipeline and power station construction.
MARIAN is an application package based on the ORACLE relational database. It consists of the database (tables) and the application (screens & lists). The user communicates with the database interactively in the application screens.
Main database:
(A) Product group
It is nothing but a common database for all the projects.
Projects are created in product group
Components with a binding set of rules based on DIN / ANSI standards are already defined & grouped in product group standard.
Same group with rules can be copied in to project. Then relevant or necessary changes can be made in project database.
(B) Project
Projects are created in product group standard.
An applicable component group with rules is copied from the standard.
Project-specific changes are made in the project.
An ident number is built.
Pipe classes are developed.
MARIAN has following modules.
Interface (with PDS for pipe class)

Administration of MARIAN software, various users, various projects, Rights-Access-Security are done in this module.
Components are grouped based on a binding set of rules with a technical description of pipe classes. We create a unique Ident number for each component. The ident number is the key field of the BOM / MTO database to link them with the database of other departments. e.g. Procurement Dept. – They enter P.O. quantity against each Ident number, Inspection Dept. – They enter released quantity against each Ident number. So a database of Procurement & Inspection dept. can be combined with BOM / MTO to know the status of each Ident with its description. Pipe classes are prepared with limit, thickness & branch table in standardization.
PDS models are transferred to MARIAN for BOM through * Shell. * Shell is interface program between PDS & MARIAN. PDS has MARIAN pipe classes in codified form because PDS do not understand a text. PDS has also limit thickness & branch table. During transfer codified database of PDS model is de-codified & compared with MARIAN pipe class and line wise BOM is generated with the Ident number. Reports of line wise BOM to be taken for issuing with isometrics at the site.
It summarizes/consolidates the quantity of the components having same size & same pipe class. This summery is called MTO (Material Take Off). It is used for procurement.
BOM Report / Requisition Report can be opened & edited in MARIAN only. Our client & vendors do not have MARIAN and so these reports are to be converted in easily available office software like MS Excel, MS Access for linking with other department’s work.

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  1. Hi sir/madam
    I’m working as material controller in an oil project. It is to use MARIAN, but I do not know its usage. Can you help me provide a detailed guideline of how to use it?

    M. Hakemi

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