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National Summit on Industrial Water Management


3-4 May 2017, Hotel Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar, Delhi


Water is a must requisite for every Industry. Raw water entering in an industrial plant often needs treatment to meet tight quality specifications. Water Treatment is used to optimize most water-based industrial processes, such as heating, cooling, processing, cleaning, and rinsing so that operating costs and risks are reduced. Industrial Water Management encompasses all aspects which include sourcing of water, pre-treatment to meet required quality, Desalination, Boiler Water Treatment, Cooling Water Treatment and Industrial Waste Water Treatment etc.

Poor water treatment caused damage to the surfaces of pipes and vessels which contain it. Steam boilers can scale up or corrode, and these deposits will mean more fuel is needed to heat the same amount of water. Cooling towers can also scale up and corrode, but left untreated, the warm, dirty water they can contain will encourage bacteria to grow, and Legionnaires’ disease can be the fatal consequence. Water treatment is also used to improve the quality of water contacting the manufactured product e.g. semiconductors, and/or can be part of the product e.g. beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc. In many cases, effluent water from one process can be suitable for reuse in another process if given suitable treatment.

Efficient Water Management is critical to the operation of any plant. Under inadequate control, the water system can create significant difficulty to the plant like Loss of production capacity, increased cost of cleaning and protective chemicals, Quality of Water, Scaling, Corrosion, Microbiological Activity, Heat Transfer Efficiency and disposal of residual wastewater, increased energy Maintenance costs, and Reduction in service life. Corrosion in the water system can cause various problems like Scaling, Fouling, MIC etc. can also lead to leaks, which in a pressurized system can lead to catastrophic failures. Industrial Water Management is very critical to maintain Smooth Operation, Safety and Integrity of your Assets.

Conference Details

IWM 2017 (National Summit on “Industrial Water Management”- Treatment, Control Corrosion, Scaling, Fouling & MIC) is an initiative in India and one of the few initiative in the world to conduct a technical summit solely on Industrial Water Management. Efficient cooling water management is critical to the operation of plant. Under inadequate control, the cooling water system can present significant difficulty to the plant in loss of production, increased cost of cleaning and protective chemicals, increased energy maintenance costs, and reduction in service life. So this important topic of Industrial Water Management has been chosen to refresh the participants in their endeavor to conserve the water, control corrosion while maintaining its efficacy as a coolant. It also provides a unique networking platform in terms of interaction among professionals from various government and private industries.

Submit Abstracts for Oral / Poster
Papers Presentation

Technical Committee of IWM 2017 (National Summit on “Industrial Water Management”- Treatment, Control Corrosion, Scaling, Fouling & MIC) invites authors to submit technical papers on specified technical topics for Oral Presentation or Poster Paper during conference. Authors are requested to submit abstracts not exceeding 300 words and as per the guidelines.
Please send your abstract to: events@oilandgasclub.com, info@oilandgasclub.com

Awards and Recognition

The technical committee will evaluate all contributory papers (oral and poster presentations), products and technologies displayed in the exhibition and present awards in following categories during the valedictory function on the concluding day of the conference.
a. Best Oral Paper
b. Best Poster Paper
c. Best Exhibition Booth

Delegate Registration:Industrial Water Management

Kindly send your nomination/ participation details to:

Category Fee
Delegate/ Co-Authors Rs. 18,000/- (USD 360)
Primary Author /Speaker Rs. 12,000/- (USD 240)
Student/ Spouses Rs. 5,000/- (USD 100)

Author delegate fee will be applicable only for the Primary Author. Co-authors will be charged Normal Delegate Fee Service Tax will be applicable as extra.

Early bird discount Industrial Water Management

10% discount applicable, if registered before 15th Feb
2017 (Not applicable for Author/ Speaker/ Student/ Spouse Delegate)

Corporate discount Industrial Water Management

10% additional discount if 3 & above nos. of delegates participated from same organization.
15% additional discount if 6 & above nos. of delegates participated from same organization.

Who should attend?

  • Professionals working in Industrial water system
  • Professionals involved in Cooling Water, Boiler Water, Waste water system, Cooling Towers
  • Chemical treatment & Inhibitor Industry
  • Filtration, Chemical Dosing etc
  • Designer & Professional from Heat Exchanger Industry
  • Professionals from Oil & Gas Industry
  • Fertiliser and Petrochemicals
  • Professionals from Chemical Process Industry
  • Power Plants and Energy Sector
  • Steel Plants, Non-Ferrous Industry
  • Corrosion & Material professionals
  • Inspection & NDT professionals
  • Professional from Cathodic Protection, Coating & Inhibitor Industry
  • Corrosion Monitoring System, Instruments
  • Design & Engineering Consulting Organizations
  • Vendors and Suppliers
  • Technical Institutes


Display of Industrial Water Management related products & services has also been arranged concurrently to provide a platform to showcase your products and services to the august gathering. Considering the range of coverage and potential of business growth, the proposed exhibition is definitely going to establish a new bench mark.

Conference Publications (Souvenir)

Advertisement Charges Fee
Outside Back Cover Page Rs. 18,000/- (USD 360)
Inside Front/ Back Cover Page Rs. 15,000/- (USD 300)
Full Page (Colour) Rs. 9,000/- (USD 180)
Half Page (Colour) Rs. 6,000/- (USD 120)
Dubble Spread Ad(2 page) Rs. 15,000/- (USD 300)

Fees mentioned in dollar ($) are applicable for Overseas Companies.

Stalls & Exhibition Charges

The exhibitions shall provide an opportunity to promote a meaningful interaction between industry and research establishments.
The organizers will provide a well-furnished modern exhibition facility at the venue which can easily be accessed by the
participants. This exhibition will be open to all the delegates and invitees from industry, research and academic institutions during the conference. The exhibitors will be entitled for the below facilities:

Stall Options 6 sq. m (3 x 2) 4 sq. m (2×2) Table Top
Benefits at a Glance 80,000/- (USD 1600) 60,000/- (USD 1200) 35,000/- (USD 700)
Complimentary no of delegates 2 2 1
Company Advertisement in Souvenir 1 Page 1 Page 1 Page
Logo in Back Stage Banner Yes Yes Yes
Display of company logo in Website Yes Yes Yes
Memento will be presented Yes Yes

Service tax Applicable as extra.

Supports & Branding

The conference provides a unique opportunity for sponsoring organizations to promote their products / services to the focused
International and National audiences besides having an excellent opportunity to interact with Bureaucrats, Professionals,
Engineers, Scientists, Academia and marketing professionals.
The following complimentary benefits would be available for the Sponsors:

Category Platinum Gold Silver
Benefits at a Glance 3,00,000/-
(USD 6000)
(USD 4000)
(USD 2400)
Complimentary exhibition booth 12 sq. m (4 X 3) 9 sq. m (3 X 3) 9 sq. m (3 X 3)
Complimentary no of delegates 8 6 4
Special Technical Representation of the Products/ Services
(15 min.) of your company
Yes Yes
Representative at the Dias (Session Chair/ Panelist) Yes (Both Days) Yes Yes
Sharing of Participant Contact List Yes Yes Yes
1 Page Advertisement & 1 Page Company Profile in Souvenir Yes Yes Yes
Wide publicity of logo and banner Yes Yes Yes
Display of Company logo in conference website Yes Yes Yes
Memento Presented Yes Yes Yes

Service tax Applicable as extra.

Theme Topics

Session 1 – Industrial Water System
Sourcing of water (river water, sea water, portable water etc), Minimal Water use, Recycling
Closed loops system, once through system, Open recirculating system treatment
Session 2 – Design, Efficiency & Integrity in Industrial Water System
Chemical cleaning & passivation, Water Pre-treatment, Demineralization, Desalination, Filtration, Cooling
water Automation, Fire Water System, and Efficiency of Heat Transfer
Session 3 – Design & Operation aspects in Cooling Water, Boiler Water System
Cooling Water Treatment, Cooling water Bio Control, Boiler Water Treatment
Session 4 – Water Treatment & Chemical Injection
Chemical treatment, efficiency of chemical treatment, Corrosion Inhibitor dosing, Types of Inhibitors, Dosing
efficiency, De-foamers, Demulsification, Oxygen Scavengers, Chlorine Dioxide, Maintenance Chemicals,
Reverse Osmosis Chemicals, Dust Control Chemicals, Innovative Products
Session 5 – Cooling Towers, Boilers, Tanks, Heat exchangers, Pumps
Cooling towers, Boilers, Tanks, Heat exchangers, Pumps, Pipes, Valves
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), Scale/Deposit controllers, Fouling Control
Session 6 – Corrosion Control, Monitoring & MIC Control
Corrosion & Scale control, Microbiological control, Bio-cide treatment, Bio-fouling
Corrosion Monitoring & Inspection, Corrosion control, corrosion probes and coupons
Session 7 – Waste Water Management & Recycling of Water
Waste Water Treatment, Recycling of Water, Water Pinching
Session 8 – Failure Analysis and Selection of optimum Material of Construction
Trouble shooting, Leakages and failures in the water system, Material of construction (Galvanized, Brass/ Cu
alloys, DSS, Cu-Ni, Ti etc, Plastic materials)

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