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Definition of Terms in Piping


  • BILL – The portion of a pipe, which is enlarged to receive the end of another pipe of the same diameter for the purpose of making a joint; also called a Hub.
  • BLOW-OFF – A controlled outlet on a pipeline used to discharge water.
  • BRANCH – A part of piping system other than the main or riser.
  • BUTT JOINT – A type of joint in which the metals to be joined are aligned on the same plane.
  • CAP – A fitting into which the end of the pipe is screwed or joined to close the end of the pipe.
  • CAULKING – One of the common ways to make a watertight seal in a joint by using a material called oakum.
  • CONDENSATE – The resulting water when the steam cools.
  • DOUBLE OFFSET – Two offsets in succession or in series in the same pipeline.
  • DRY VENT – A vent that does not carry water nor water-borne waste.
  • ELBOW – A fitting normally used to allow a pipeline to make a turn or change in direction.
  • FITTING – Where sections or lengths of pipes are connected.
  • FIXTURE – A receptacle attached to a plumbing system other than a trap in which water or waste may be collected or retained.
  • FIXTURE BRANCH – The supply pipe between the fixture and the distributing line.
  • FIXTURE DRAIN – The drain extending from the trap of a plumbing fixture to a junction of the drain with any other drain pipe.
  • FLANGE – A projecting collar, edge, rib, rim, or ring on pipe, shaft or the like.
  • FLUID – Any substance that flows
  • GOOSE NECK – Any section of pipe, curved like a neck of a goose or in a U-shape; sometimes flexible.
  • JIG – A device for guiding or holding a part or parts in correct mechanical alignment, either in the process of fabrication or in the final assembly.
  • JOINT – The connection between elements in a piping system.
  • LATERAL – A sewer which discharge into a branch and has no other common sewer tributary to it.
  • PIPE HANGER – A device to support pipe or group of pipes from a slab, beam, celling or other structural elements.
  • PIPE HOOK – A device to support pipe from a wall.
  • PIPE PLUG – A fitting with external threads used to close the end of a ferrule, fitting or pipe having internal threads.
  • PIPE SADDLE – A vertical support on which a pipe rests.
  • REDUCER – A fitting used to connect pipes of different sizes or diameters together.
  • RUN – The side adjacent to a given angle in a right triangle; also adjacent side.
  • SCHEMATICS – A line drawing or graph design made for technical or scientific purposes that explains how a system works by using symbols and connecting lines.
  • SET – The side opposite the given angle in a right triangle; another name for opposite side in trigonometry
  • SPIGOT – The end of a pipe that fits into a bell in making a joint; also a word synonyms with faucet.
  • TEE – A T-shaped fitting with branch outlet at 90° to the main line.
  • TRAVEL – The side opposite the right angle in a right triangle; also hypotenuse.
  • VENT – A pipe installed to provide a flow of air to or from a drainage system or to provide a circulation of air which in some systems protect trap scals from siphenage and back pressure.

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