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What is the Definition of a Pressure Vessel

pressure vessel

A pressure vessel is a container, which is designed to store fluids (liquids or gases) at temperatures and pressures very different from the room and atmospheric pressures and temperatures. Pressure vessels must be able to withstand high pressures and temperatures, which can be exerted by typical pressure vessel

Typical pressure vessel
Typical pressure vessel materials enclosed in it. In the petroleum industry the operating pressure and temperature is referred to as design pressure and design temperature, respectively. Because the pressure exceeds normal pressure which people can handle in manual operation, the design of pressure vessels are governed by design codes such as ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineering), PED (Pressure Equipment Directive of the EU), JIS (Japan), and other international standards.

Pressure vessels are used in a variety of applications in both industry and the private sector. They appear in these sectors as industrial compressed air receivers and domestic hot water storage tanks. Other examples of pressure vessels are diving cylinder, re-compression chamber, distillation towers, autoclaves, and many other vessels in mining or oil refineries and petrochemical plants, nuclear reactor vessel, habitat of a space ship, habitat of a submarine, pneumatic reservoir, hydraulic reservoir under pressure, rail vehicle air-brake reservoir, road vehicle air-brake reservoir and storage vessels for liquefied gases such as ammonia, chlorine, propane, butane, and LPG.

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