Piping Stress Analysis Course

Piping stress analysis course delivers piping stress static & dynamics analysis, Principal stresses and failure theories, Thermal stresses in piping systems.
4.8 (1103 ratings)
2569 students enrolled
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Piping Stress Analysis Course 2569 students enrolled

4.8 (1103 ratings)
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Piping Stress Analysis Course

Key Features

  • 3+ Practice project
  • 70 Hours of instructor led training
  • 600+ Interview questions & tips
  • 15+ Years experienced industry expert trainers
  • 20+ Sub topic
  • Industry expert mentoring support

About Piping Stress Analysis Course

Piping stress analysis course addresses pipe stress static & dynamics analysis. This 30 days course included pipe stress static analysis and pipe stress dynamics analysis. This course is based on hands-on solution of example problems in order to illustrate pipe stress analysis using stress analysis software. Piping stress analysis training is designed for almost anyone involved with piping in the petroleum, chemical, power, gas transmission, and related industries. Through our technical support we learn, every day, what engineers need to know, and we’ve tailored our course to give as much practical knowledge as we can in 45 days. The course covers proper system modeling guidelines, methods of static and dynamic analysis of piping systems, evaluation of system designs, and effective approaches to system redesign which helps piping/vessel, maintenance engineers, piping designers, new & experienced CAESAR II users, mechanical/design engineers, engineering managers, plant managers, and fresh graduate mechanical engineers who wants to become a piping engineer and who would like to pursue their career in plant design industry specifically as a pipe stress analyst.

Eligibility:Diploma/B.Tech in Engineering Placement Opportunity : YES

S.No. Course Name Mode Duration Project (live)
1 Piping Stress Analysis Course Online 45 days Yes

Piping Stress Analysis Course Curriculum

70 Hours + 180 Days
5 Section
Need for stress analysis (as per code)5.30
Consequences of over-stress3.00
Physical quantities and units used in pipe stress analysis.6.30
Longitudinal, circumferential and radial stresses3.15
Principal axes and principal stresses.3.45
Failure theory 1: Maximum principal stress failure theory3.00
Failure theory 2: Maximum shear stress failure theory (Tresca)3.30
Definition of design pressure and design temperature2.10
Basis for allowable stress3.35
Allowable stresses at “hot” and “cold” conditions, that is, Sh and Sc.3.25
Code tables for allowable stresses2.40
Pipe wall thickness calculations1.20
Reinforcement pad calculations1.50
Primary and secondary loads1.55
Self – limiting and non-self – limiting characteristics of loads.1.30
Sustained and occasional loads2.30
Static and dynamic loads1.05
Bending stresses in pipes.1.00
Longitudinal stress and torsional stress.1.45
Code criteria for design.2.15
Thermal expansion / contraction of materials1.30
Stresses due to thermal expansion / contraction2.55
Thermal fatigue and cyclic stress reduction factor1.30
Design criteria for thermal stresses2.05
Stress Intensification Factors (SIFs)1.30
Allowable stress range for thermal expansion3.30
Calculation of expansion stress range2.30

Become a Piping Stress Engineer Expert

Improve your designing knowledge and skills taught by our industry experts. You can get a world class training and best practical session from oilandgasclub in both online and direct mode. Enroll today.


  • Learn from industry experts
  • Comprehensive practical training
  • Learn A-Z practical sessions
  • Interactive doubt sessions
  • Industry case – studies 
  • Live classes with instructors

Internet speed: preferable 512 KBPS

Online access

The courses are internet-based and can be accessed directly from your desk. Some courses are enriched with audio so you will also need an enable sound-card and a headset or speakers, in order to fully benefit from the course. For full technical skills requirements.

Time spend

Please allow an average of 3 to 5 hours of online learning in total or weekend full-time. This can be broken down into shorter segments, at your own convenience. Your log-in will be valid for approximately 110 days, during which time you may access the online course as many times as you wish.

Delegate can work through each of our online module at their own pace and at times convenient for them, in order to enhance their technical skills, there is no test or exam at the end of course, but the interactive exercises and self analysis tests allow you to monitor your own progress as you work through the content.

Our trainer has over 14 years of experience in fertilizer, power, pharmaceutical and oil and gas. He has through knowledge of piping & hanger support code & standards (e.g) ASME B 31.1, MSS SP s, ASTM, IS etc. Knowledge of seismic acceleration calculation, bid evaluation for spring hangers / rigid hangers, review of vendor drawings, etc.
Previously he has done B.E (Mechanical). He is also lead consultant.

Thus the process of determining, associating&analyzing the factors discussed is called stress analysis and this can be achieved by general layout design, rule of thumb, homographs, charts&various related software.

For different industries&service requirements like power industry&power piping, process industry&process piping, pipelines, there exists simplified practical methodology of implementing knowledge which assists in achieving acceptable reliability; in the form of governing codes like ASME, AS-ME, SAME, ACME, ASSUME, ASHE, ASME, B31.3, B31.1, B31.4, etc.

Thus with the proper blend of knowledge, codes and tools the requirements to meet the very objectives of piping design is must.

Students who wish to pursue higher educational having strong oil and gas industry can also benefit from piping engineering course potential to get part time jobs in these industries while they study abroad and helps to achieve financial assistance and finally get into jobs on a full time profile with in oil and gas industries.

Students can do piping engineering training and virtual project parallel to their university studies virtual project can be tailor-made to university project on request upon completion they can have a cv attractive to oil and gas industries.

  • Oil and gas sector
  • EPC sector
  • Energy and power sector
  • Environmental waste disposal
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Food and beverage
  • Energy consultancy
  • Fertilizer plant
  • Chemical & petrochemical plant
  • Infrastructure sector
  • Experienced professionals who are working in other engineering industry and wish to pursue a career in petrochemical, oil and gas industries.
  • Job seekers who like to work in oil and gas industries.
  • Freelancers who wish to expand their skills and expand their of service oil and gas industries.
  • Teaching professionals who work in educational service and wish to change their career towards oil and gas industries.
  • You can upgrade your skills through certain events conducted by us.
  • 100 % focused on the industry based program.
  • Designed for both fresh engineers and working professionals to attain growth in oil and energy industry.
  • Get access to industry experts for technical advice and more.
  • Guided by the industry’s renowned professional with unprecedented knowledge of the oil and energy industry.
  • Getting trouble shooting support during work time.
  • Providing all training material and technical drawing, documents and case study materials.
  • You can visit any time our technical support club on ad hoc basis in some case this is chargeable.
  • You can attend technical discussion forums free of cost.
  • Interactive, interesting and motivational training sessions.
  • Free updates on technical increments as newsletter in oil and gas sector.
  • Attend industry events, organized by us and our partners.
  • Expert and experienced faculty from the industry. (5-10 Year Exp.)

Yes, you can cancel your enrollment at any time as long as reasonable advance is given to oil and gas club. We provide a complete refund after deduction the administration fee. To more, please go through our refund policy.

All these training are live interactive sessions wherein you can raise concerns and discussion at any point during the class.

  • Rookie of the field can earn as $18,000 to $23,000 (In India its around Rs.16,435 to Rs. 24,000)
  • The experienced engineer can earn as $61,000 to $72,000 (In India its vary from Rs.62,000 from 84,000)

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The education I got from oilandgasclub.com helped me work with industry process and know what I’m talking about

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I am experienced guy! But worry about the promotion always thinking what I need else extra to get promotion but at the correct time when I searched for this course to any organization then I find oilandgasclub.com in which they explain how to resisting all applied loads without failure during its intended life and provide all details with deep technical knowledge and now I am placed in MNC company after completing this course with 40% hike of previously salary………..thanks!

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